A3: Distilling the Web: Multi-Layered Security Filtering Inside a Content Delivery Network


Content delivery networks are massive, distributed computing infrastructures that not only accelerate websites, but are also used for filtering unwanted Internet traffic. Having multi-layered security solutions in place is critical to extend core CDN functionalities and to enrich the holistic CDN ecosystem. In this presentation, presenters will share the various layers of security controls embedded in a CDN in order to ensure that the CDN can protect websites against a wide range of attacks and simultaneously ensure fast, scalable delivery of web content. Attendees will learn how CDNs can filter unwanted packets to defend against volumetric DDoS attacks, inspect HTTP traffic to protect websites against web applications exploits and apply high-definition web client fingerprinting to defend against threats by web bots. Tin Zaw, Director, Security Solutions, Verizon Digital Media Services Charlie Minesinger, Director, Solution Sales, Distil Networks