C105: The Business of Streaming Television


As the traditional television business and the streaming media business become more and more entwined, both are undergoing significant changes in the way content businesses are created, reach their audiences and make money. Whether you come to this new market from the television world or the digital pure play world, there are things you need to know about the other’s business to be successful. What kind of content and products will work as a streaming TV business? How do you value the direct-to-consumer relationship that traditional TV programmers did not previously have? How do you market and distribute these new services? How does advertising work in streaming television - how many ads can you run and do advertisers see this inventory as TV or digital? This panel produced by the Television Academy will explore those changes and what to expect as this market becomes a thriving business. This panel is presented by the Interactive Media Peer Group of the Television Academy Moderator: Jim Turner, President - trnrMedia Chris Falkner, SVP Advanced TV - NBC Broadcasting Caroline Horner, SVP, Product Management - comScore Helge Hoibraaten, CEO - Vimond Ash Crick, CTO - iflix

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