B202: The Next Step In TV and Media: Ultra HD


Consumers are confused. This translates into wallets remaining closed – for new toys and for new services. This panel will attempt to unravel all the acronyms and to put some order into the various phases by which the industry will reach viewing nirvana. Is backward compatibility going to be part of the process or will some buyers of today’s TV sets start planning ways of getting rid of that 4K SDR 2015 TV set up. Will services be available but only be enjoyed by a select few? When will there be enough TV displays capable of one or other of the two forms of “UltraHD Premium”. This roundtable will attempt to shed some light on a complex and perhaps troublesome transition. Moderator: Raj Nair, VP, Technology, Strategy & BD, TV & Media - Ericsson Craig Cuttner, SVP, Technology Development & Standards - HBO Andrew Grant, Head of OTT and Digital Home - Dolby Labs Chris Wagner, EVP - Neulion Nick Colsey, VP, Business Development - Sony Electronics

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