D102: How To: H.265: Living Up to the Hype as the Successor to H.264


Despite the gains that HEVC/H.265 codec developers continue to make with its efficiency and quality, questions around the readiness of the new technology surface daily. The hype is compelling: better compression and faster/cheaper delivery over lower bitrates. For content distributors delivering content to mobile devices over congested 3G/4G/LTE networks, these traits are highly desirable. In this session, learn how H.265 compression and deployment options can be utilized in typical online streaming workflows, and, more importantly, if your target audiences can benefit. Up-to-date examples, using FFmpeg with x264 and x265 output, are compared for bitrate, compression time, and file size. 4k input and output are also be examined. Robert Reinhardt, CTO - videoRx

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