Creating Great Video User Experiences That Drive Adoption


We all know that great user experiences are critical to video consumption on mobile and set-top boxes, but how do we go about creating those? And what data do we have to support that investment? This session discusses how content owners can use UI to improve the content consumption experience by focusing on promotion, search and key features such as resume watching. Learn how to tie a multi-platform video experience together, balancing the capabilities of each platform/OS vs. keeping a common brand experience across devices. Data is also shared on the impact of relaunching platforms where the only change was a re-architected UI. Moderator: Michael Prichard, Founder, CTO - WillowTree Jim Spencer, Founder, President - Newsy Scott Olechowski, Co-Founder, Chief Product Officer - Plex Mano Kulasingam, Co-CEO - Digiflare Tom Schaeffer, CEO - Float Left Interactive

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